Our experience, in both quality and service is incomparable with any other traditional dry cleaning service.

How Are We Different?

We ensure your clothes will have no creases or wrinkles that should have been pressed, no stains or spots that should have been removed, or any buttons missing that should have been replaced. We take the utmost care at our own plant in Newark, NJ.

CONVENIENT (One Stop Cleaning)

We provide fulll line of cleaning services from regular dry-cleaning to handbag cleaning service, shoe repair and shinning.

Some expert say woman's handbag can harbor more germs than toilet seat. So,if you never cleaned your handbags, bring them us today.
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* Expert Dry Cleaning of all Fabrics
* Shirt Laundering
* Tailoring and Alterations
* Handbag Cleaning (inside & outside)
* Shoe Repair and Shining
* Tablecloths & Napkins
* Comforters & Blankets
* Draperies
* Rugs & Carpets
* Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved

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